Here are testimonials from some of Suzanne's clients who are willing to share detailed accounts of their experience with you:



I lost my husband a couple of months ago. We had been together 43 years and had a wonderful relationship. However, some 18 years ago, he was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. His condition deteriorated over the years, but he was lucid right to the end. I loved him dearly and could not come to terms with the fact that he was gone and I would never see him again. Every time I spoke to someone and mentioned his name I would tear up. I felt that I would never be happy again as long as I lived.

My step-son suggested I arrange a reading with Suzanne. I live in Cambridge, Ontario, so it had to be a phone reading. I was very nervous because this was the first time I had ever had a reading, been to a psychic, or even had my fortune told at the fair But as soon as I heard Suzanne’s voice, I relaxed and became instantly comfortable.

I was totally blown away by Suzanne’s reading. The messages she passed on from my husband were phenomenal, my husband who now is clearly anxious to inform and show me how agile, nimble and active he is after years of being trapped in his body, unable to move or do much for himself (and also to make me see that his fingers are free from the arthritis with which they’d been afflicted in his later years!). My husband had a terrific sense of humour and his antics during the reading even made Suzanne laugh. He imparted so much detail about our life together. He made favourable remarks about his funeral: commenting on the hymn that was sung; on the food we served at the reception; on his memorial card, which he thought was great (even remarking on the fact that I had moved it on the day of the reading from where I had originally placed it). He mentioned how touched he was to see his eldest son crying like a little boy – a son who Suzanne could see is in his fifties.

At one time during the reading, my husband’s brother who had passed some years ago came forward to tell of his life and of the two of them and a third brother growing up together. The information that Suzanne communicated was so accurate I was astounded.When my favourite aunt showed up in the reading, it was like the icing on the cake for me, though I think it was a little puzzling for Suzanne. She thought it was unusual for another family member to step forward alongside – actually holding the hand of! – the loved one who was the principal spirit. Of course, when Suzanne found out that my husband had only passed a few weeks prior, she understood: as his spirit was new to the Other Side and therefore my aunt was there to help him. Suzanne called her a real “ground wire” and, knowing my aunt as I do, I’m certain her purpose was to make sure he got his message through to Suzanne and did not mess things up!

When my reading with Suzanne was over, I felt so light, almost euphoric. I know now that my husband is happy and healthy. He is with his brothers and other family members. He will be around me and he will visit me in my dreams. And, best of all, I will see him again one day. I have not shed a tear since the day of my reading with Suzanne. And I’m feeling very optimistic about my own life and future: I’m even looking forward to spending time and going on trips with family members!

There is one thing I should add, however: when I played back the recording I’d made of my phone-reading, I did experience a few pangs of guilt. Suzanne was so charming, pleasant and friendly but, in my fear of not giving too much away, I was a little noncommital. SORRY, SUZANNE!! But since the reading, I have been singing your praises everywhere. I know I have converted a few non-believers who were on the fence about the Spirit World and, because of you, I think there are fewer sceptics in this world today.

Thank you, Suzanne. I love you.




I was referred to Suzanne by friend. I lost my boyfriend in a tragic accident and I was hoping he would come through. First off, Suzanne is a breath of fresh air! She made me laugh and shed tears of happiness with the messages she delivered! She gave me specific memories I hold in my heart from my loved one! Messages and details no one could have known. It was such a beautiful experience, knowing our loved ones are still alive and with us in spirit.

The reading was so good I referred my boyfriend's mother to Suzanne. We had the reading this past week. Again it was wonderful! To feel the comfort and peace it brings, words cannot describe. Suzanne shows you the love is forever, love is constant.

I would recommend Suzanne to any one looking to connect with a loved that has passed or even just a life reading. She definitely has an amazing gift! Thank you Suzanne.



I first came across Suzanne in June of 2011. Although I would have loved a face to face reading, I opted for a phone reading because I am located in Alberta and travelling to Montreal was not an option. I sought Suzanne’s guidance at a time in my life when my relationship had just ended. My boyfriend of 2 years left to pursue a relationship with a girl he was ‘in love with’ for 10 years. I was devastated! Because Suzanne could read peoples feelings, she was able to provide insight on how to help me move on. She is amazing in helping me deal with my grief and can empathize with my feelings.

It is now July 2013, I had another reading with Suzanne, it was again an amazing experience. I want to share some of the things that came true in the time frame she specified from my first reading.

In 2011, she predicted that in 2 years, I will meet this guy who is very fit, my equal, and whom I will meet through my friends. She also said that I will be the stronger force in this relationship. All this came true! Listening back to my phone reading with her in 2011 today, I am amazed how accurate she was! Now that I have met this new guy, I am shocked that she saw all these qualities about him 2 years ago as if he was standing in front of her. Even though, I met this guy on my own and not through my friends, it turns out he knows a couple of my friends.

There are still other predictions I am waiting to come true. She cannot change my future, but she was able to sooth my troubled heart and help me live through my difficult times. If I am ever stuck and need someone to help me through my troubled times, I would definitely without a doubt seek Suzanne’s guidance again!

Because Suzanne is a genuine psychic, she is able to do my phone reading as if I was in person. If I am ever in Montreal, I would love to meet Suzanne, as she is truly a wonderful person!




My experience during my reading with Suzanne was a very positive and beneficial one, and I am confident that she receives genuine messages from spirit. She was able to give messages that had no meaning to her, not having knowledge of that subject area, yet she was still able to relay the message of spirit effectively.

This is the hallmark of someone who is continually developing their gift as they work in a difficult profession in today’s world. I found our session together to be very professional and helped enable me in my spiritual growth. I would highly recommend her services to those that are seeking insight.



After readings with Suzanne I am filled with positivity. She has relayed insightful messages from my deceased father which have brought me comfort. She also accurately predicted the birth and gender of my son, which was very exciting. I highly recommend her readings to anyone looking for peace.



It was by chance that I was able to get a reading by Suzanne, and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity. Right off the bat she picked up on my indecisions with my education and career. She alleviated my stresses and concerns reassuring me that I was heading down the right path. Suzanne also picked up on my family's dynamics which was surprising, but very enlightening, and great for confirming things I had felt over the years. Her pleasant voice and exuberant personality made it a reading to remember. I look forward to the chance of being read by her again.



My reading with Suzanne was excellent. She was accurate, telling me things I could verify (and did). She knew me, she knew my family and she knew the situation I was in. I had been struggling for 8 months trying to find steady work and was at a very dark place. Her reading gave me hope for the future, and her accuracy about my present life gave me confidence in her predictions. Suzanne told me I would find work by March. I got a job that started on February 27th. Just knowing there was an end in sight brought some light into the darkness I was feeling. I cannot recommend a reading with Suzanne enough.



I loved my reading. I wrote everything down and often find myself referring to it as a guide to help with my relationship and work concerns whenever they come up. Suzanne sees so much of the picture and the best part is she doesn't just rhyme off facts, she also tells you how to best deal with the situations in your life, and how to view your life with positivity and hope. She also gave me some messages from loved ones who have passed, and though I did not believe in this before my reading, it resonated with me in such a truthful way that I was amazed, and left feeling good about those people. She is a lovely person with a genuine, caring energy and spending the time her was fun and enlightening. An incredible woman with a gift of uncanny perception.



It had been many years since I had had a reading by a Medium. I met Suzanne at a workshop locally. There were a number of Mediums at this workshop who were each giving mini readings. I soon noticed that Suzanne had the greatest number of people waiting to meet with her. Word quickly got out that she was quite amazing and extremely accurate with the information she was channeling. She did a short reading for me which lasted about 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes I too became convinced that she was quite authentic. I took her business card with the plan to contact her for a more in depth reading.

We met soon after at her home. She greeted me warmly, I was led into her backyard onto a screened in porch overlooking her beautiful perennial gardens and what appeared to be a small, natural pond. I was quickly offered an herbal tea that had appeared to be brewing in preparation for my arrival. It felt as though I was meeting with a longtime friend and just chatting over a cup of tea on a beautiful summer day. I was very impressed by her ability to connect with me, and to connect with those who have passed over. As humans we all have a need to connect with those who have left this world and to make sense of our lives here on earth. For that reason I recommend Suzanne to my friends, family, and acquaintances due to her unique ability to channel information only known to the person being read.