Hello There! Welcome! My name is Suzanne Walsh. There are many different facets to psychic abilities and mediumship. I primarily experience some mixture of remote viewing, mediumship, retrocognition, and telepathy through the means of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

That is to say I can see some aspects of past, present, and future events as well as have insight into how you feel and think as well as challenges you may be currently facing. It is important to remember that whilst this is seen as my gift, I am just the channel and not in control of what comes through.

I have often been grateful to provide communication from a loved one who has passed.

It is my belief that spirit, something that binds us all together, is what allows these abilities to work. The goal for my readings is that they may serve people seeking support on their earthly journey. I also love to laugh with my clients, as there is joy to be found in connection.

My primary connection is a belief in the source of love.














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